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    We pride ourselves on earning positive reviews.  We hope our customers experience helps you feel comfortable doing business with us.

    Sincerely, David Borden

    Borden Automotive Group.

    Dealing with David was a breath of fresh air! I was looking for a good while before I found Borden Automotive and had become pretty put off by the countless conversations with salesman. The second he picked up the phone I could tell that I not only liked but trusted David. That remained true through the purchase of my F150 from him. He has a great little shop in Shingle Springs and spent a lot of time with my husband and I going over all the features. We had all the time we needed to make our decision with no pressure from him. When we went to pick it up, he had spent the morning detailing it and making sure everything exceeded our expectations before we took it home!

    Micaela L.
    My wife and I had a great experience dealing with David. We were looking for a commuter car for me and he had exactly what we wanted. Better than that, David was honest and made us feel comfortable. We came away with a car we really like and a dealer who we will go to again. In contrast, we bought a different car from another dealer a year ago and we still regret that choice. With David, there are no regrets. We've already referred several of our friends to him.

    Aaron J.
    I recently bought a 2016 Tacoma from Borden Automotive Group. Now, for many of you out there different feelings come up when you step on to a car lot looking to buy. Some of those feelings might include: excitement, anxiety, skepticism, and worry. I had all of those as I looked day in and day out for a truck that was "me". Car lot after car lot I trudged, speaking with shady, forceful, and sometimes downright rude dealers most of the time. I was worn out....Woah! Who would have thought finding a car could be so rough. But then...it happened. Scrolling through the depths of Craigslist I found a beautiful Toyota Tacoma..... it was "me". When I initiated contact with David (owner) I brought many of the aforementioned feelings to the table. But David quickly made me forget about all of those, except excitement. David was thoughtful and honest...thorough and kind, many of the virtues that are lacking in the car industry today. Quite frankly it was a relief to have found David. Davids great character and passion for all things auto related sold the truck more so than the truck itself! When I found myself in a bind with financing David worked with me for over 3 WEEKS (you read that correct) to get this truck in to my hands. If there is a better automotive group to buy from I haven't found it yet and will happily return to Borden Automotive Group for any automotive needs in the future. If you find yourself looking at this review, there is hope for your car search, for you have found one of the best people around to help put you in to the car of your dreams. So buckle up and make your way down to David at Borden Automotive Group so he can put a smile on your face and keys to a new or used car in your hands.

    Kasey B.
    5-stars all the way!! This is the way car buying should be! David was fantastic to work with and got me in to a truck of my dreams. The hardest part was picking which of his inventory to take home. Not only does he pick top notch vehicles, he tastefully dresses them up better than they were from the factory, though if you're looking at this page and his vehicles, you already know that. What you don't know is that David makes this a very personal experience as he is the only one you'll work with from start to finish.... No games of asking a supervisor, no hard sales and very reasonable to work with. I was impressed at the time of sale and surprised that he followed up to see how I liked the truck after my long drive home. I get the impression that he honestly cares, that if there was an issue, he would have fixed it or made it right.... but with the quality of the vehicles he deals with, you are sure to get something fantastic. David, thanks again... I'll definitely work with you again on another purchase... that is after my love for my F-150 fades in a few years.

    Steve P.
    Bought a Mustang GT from Borden a couple months ago and have never been happier. The car was super clean and well taken care of, really spoke to the quality of inventory. They were honest and upfront about everything, very easy to deal with, I never felt like I was being jerked around or any kind of dishonesty. They worked with my financing company even when the finance company was being obnoxious, Borden was patient and worked through it to get me in the car I wanted.

    Stephan S.
    It was a pleasure working with David Borden of Borden AG. David spent the time to research for what I was looking for and I ended up with the perfect car for my son at a price that was within the budget I had set. David is a one man operation which made the process completely simple and stress free. I would recommend Borden AG to anyone looking for a car or truck.

    Tracy and Danny F.
    We bought a vehicle from Borden Automotive Group last month. The entire experience from beginning to end was by far the most pleasurable car buying experience that I have ever had. It was great dealing with just one person, the owner, David Borden. There was no run around between a sales person, a manager and a finance manager that I have experienced on many car purchases through the years. It was a simple deal. Here's the price....here's what it's worth (which was a lot more than what we we paid). Done deal. I will, in good conscience, refer all of my friends, family and co-workers to Borden Automotive Group.

    Dan P., Cindy P.
    Contacted me and set up appointment for test drive. Customer friendly, no pressure, straight talk. Pleasant experience.
    David Borden did a great job working with me, he helped with directing me to reviews of the different models I was thinking about and once I decided on the Ford Fusion he found one that was in great shape with low mileage. I was looking for one that didn't look like a dinged up used car and he delivered. It drives and feels like a brand new car and I couldn't be happier.

    Russ T.
    It's been 12 years since I've experienced buying a car and I dreaded the thought of having to go through it again. However, Borden Automotive is the best kept secret in town. Not only was it hassle free, but the excellent customer service and professionalism was something you just don't find in today's automotive market.

    All I had to do is provide my list of wants, the amount I was willing to spend, and within a short amount of time not only did Borden deliver, but they went the extra mile by providing a complete and thorough inspection and report on the SUV which included a multitude of extra's I would have never been able to afford if I were to purchase new. To top it off coming in well within my budget. I've been driving my Explorer for just under 2 months now and still can't believe it's mine.

    My family and friends can't believe it either and plan on going to Borden Automotive with their next purchase as well. I've even been handing out his cards like crazy, which trust me is not something I would normally do, but this place is the real deal.

    Friendly personal service, no gimmicks, no pressure, just straight forward honest service that delivers. Highly recommended!!

    Toni F.
    I have to say first that I LOVE MY NEW CAR!!!!! I had a really bad experience years ago buying a car and the thought of going through that again was not going to happen. So, I kept a car that was doing fine but 14 years old. Knowing that I wanted something newer again and the growing memory over my car buying experience kept me from going forward.

    My son told me about David and his honesty, integrity, and willingness to pursue finding me the perfect car. I was out of the loop for dodging sales people and pressure. After a few hits and misses he found the car for me. Before I even actually saw my car other than photos, David and my son went over every inch of my car and when I drove it for the first time I felt confident that this is the only way to purchase a car from now on. David, you are my car buying hero. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and dedication and making me appreciate buying a car again.

    S. Clark
    The Borden Auto Group found the perfect 2016 Chrysler van for me and my Great Dane dogs. I saved around $4000 to $5000 over dealer prices locally, but more importantly, I saved time. David grilled me about everything I needed, and he held every van available up to MY standards. My new Town & Country van is perfect and I didn't have to do anything, allowing me to tend to my business. In addition, one of my Great Danes became deathly ill during this period, and the shopping for my van went on. (She's fine now.) David Borden exceeded my expectations in every way. When I no longer need this Dane-hauler, I will not hesitate to have him find my next vehicle. Thank you, David!

    Dean S.
    Best experience possible buying car! It couldn't get any better � david is the best at what he does so I recommend you guy all ur cars from him.

    Quade S.
    Borden AG is a great company to deal with. Borden AG recently bought my 2011 Ford Mustang GT. Their offer was very fair and David is very nice and professional and is on top of his game. I had to spend a few hours at the DMV with him sorting out a complicated issue about how to sell my car without a physical title and he was very pleasant and patient through the process.

    He knows what he's doing and has several contacts in his industry to assist with any/all processes it seems. I highly recommend Borden AG to anyone looking to buy/sell a car. I have no experience in buying from Borden, but from my outstanding experience as a seller, I will definitely consider buying/selling from them again in the future.

    Sterling S.
    David was very easy to work with and is truly an honest guy. He has a very extensive automotive background (racing, designing and building classic/custom cars and parts, etc.) so he was pretty picky when searching for the car we wanted.

    He knows cars inside and out, knows what to look for and what to avoid, and won't steer you wrong.

    We handed him a fairly specific wish list, and ultimately ended up with the exact car in perfect shape for quite a bit less than going to a larger dealer with more overhead.

    Highly recommend working with him!

    Brad C.
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